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As a first rate chemical expert on high molecule materials, company’s founder and CTO Mr. Zhang Yifu has been focusing on the development of functional synthetic resin products since his PH.D research period and was granted with the Chinese National Patent Certificate (CN101418066 and CN1837253) for his innovative work of developing the first continuous aldehyde resin and polyketone resin production line in China.

In May 2013, 3 patents(No. 20131013571492013101357609,2013101382901) were granted for our company on synthetic materials research again.

In July, 2013, a new synthetic resin product of INT 8607 has been successfully developed out and put into production to supply an advanced printing ink oil manufacturer.   

The latest R&D program is a UV resin by using our own synthetic resin as the main contents and has achieved breakthrough and samples are distributed to some customers for factory test.

Not only routine quality tests and planned development experiments are conducted out in our own laboratory, but we have established extensive cooperative relations with institutions and universities across China on synthetic material programs. Also there’re often visiting researchers to our company to finish their Master or Doctoral programs.

Our existing products are all produced by our own equipments and have been went through strict tests before shipment; still,each batch of products and sample sent out have been carefully recorded for future check.
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