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Technical Information of INT Aldehyde Resin

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Aldehyde resin is the condensation of urea and aliphatic aldehydes, colorlessly crystal or slightly yellowish,soluble in almost  paint solvents except in water and widely compatible with coating raw materials. This range of products include INT A-81 、INTA-81Non-Benzene、INT A-101 and INT A-101 Non-Benzene, of which the two benzene free aldehyde resins are specially developed for coatings or printing ink formulations with high environmental requirement for their zero containing of benzene, toluene, xylene and ketones resulted from exclusive clean manufacturing technology.

1. Main Technical Data

[1] The resin is 50% (mass fraction) solution in butyl acetate and ethanol, they account for 85% and 15% respectively.
[2] 50% resin solution of ethanol, solution temperature remains 25°C when viscosity is tested.

2. Solubility
soluble in almost common paint solvents such as aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones, estersand so on but insoluble in
water. Its solubility in nonpolar solvents such as mineral oil, aliphatic hydrocarbon, alicyclic hydrocarbon is limited.

3. Compatibility
Their compatiblility with coatings raw materials include but are not limited as:

4. Application
INT aldehyde resin has excellent compatibility and solubility, applicable for various sorts of coatings/oil ink formulas; Effectively to improve coating film’s yellowingresistance, gloss, adhesiveness, har-dness and gloss.
Good pigment and filler wetting function, applicable for allpurpose colorant’s grinding resin thanks to its low viscosity while being dissolved or melted;

INT A81 Non-Benzene and INT A101 NonBenzene especially applicable for environment-friendly coatings/oil ink formulas thanks to their being free of benzene, toluene and xylene.

Dissolved into solvents to prepare 50% resin liquid, then added it into coatings/oil ink formulas. Generally adding percentage is 5-30% of the formula’s total mass.

5. Package & Storage
·Package: 25kg/bag
·Stored in dry and cool environment.
·Shelf life not less than 12 months and able to be used after validity period if key data still conform to requirements after being tested.

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