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CN103242143A Patent

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The invention relates to a kind of acetylene alkoxy’s production proces.
The purpose of this invention is to provide a mild reaction condition, controllable process of alkynol alkyl oxygen radicals.
Technology scheme is: After the preheating of the alkynol adding into the reaction kettle, adding catalyst thermostatic mixing evenly;
Adding epoxy silane added to the reaction kettle, kettle temperature and pressure in the process controlling in a certain range, and constant temperature for a period of time after neutralization, vacuum distillation to remove the moisture in the material and light component for a quick products.
Mild reaction conditions of the present invention, do not need high voltage equipment, with the fully controllable in the process of production at the same time.
Because of the low reaction temperature, catalyst composition containing strong basic component in catalytic efficiency at the same time so it will not bring side effects, such as alkynol cracking.
Because of the low temperature, low boiling point of the epoxy silane will not increase the pressure, but will improve the safety performance,production efficiency, high purity of the product and energy saving.

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