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Yueyang Intech Synthetic Materials Co., ltd is a professional manufacturer dedicated to provide value-added and high cost performance solutions for coating and printing industries. As a first rate chemical expert on high molecule materials, company&creator and CEO Mr. Zhang Yifu has been focusing on the development of functional aldehyde resin products and its modified derivatives since his doctoral research period and was awarded with the Chinese National Patent Certificate (CN101418066、CN1837253、CN103881043A、CN103242143A、CN103242140A、CN103240124A、CN103992454A) for his innovative work of developing the first continuous Aldehyde resin and Cyclohexanone-formaldehyde resin production line in China. High MW. Aldehyde resin INT A81HW and odour less Synthetic Resin 8601 has win the market in the eco-friendly ink, paint and pigment dispersion industry. Intech series products, whose qualities can contend with the most famous peers; ones yet offered with a very competitive price, will comprehensively and effectively improve coatings adhesiveness, hardness, gloss, solid content, coating fullness and weather endurance. Thanks to the edges in quality, technology and service, our products have been widely used by Chinese domestic coating and printing ink manufacturers to elevate their products business performance in the past years. With the ambition of growing to Chinese No.1 & Global top ranking functional resin additives manufacturer. Intech Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd is marching high-profilely toward the international market to serve our business partners with our unceasing efforts. We are also owning ISO 9000,ISO14001, RoHS and PREREACH certificate. Welcome to contact us and benefit from our high quality products as well as enjoy the smooth business process! 

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